Nissan Streamlines Customer Experience from the start, with Nissan Drive Innovation


Always looking to push boundaries and deliver the very best experience to its customers – including potential ones – Nissan has turned its attention to something that has remained fundamentally unchanged in the industry for decades: the test drive.

Called Nissan Drive Innovation, Nissan has crafted an individual, highly personalized process that is already engaging with potential customers in a way never before experienced.

“Nissan promises ‘Innovation that Excites’,” says Samir Cherfan, Nissan Middle East’s Managing Director, “and that’s something that should not be limited to our existing customers only. Now anyone who shows interest in test-driving a new Nissan will be treated to an experience that’s personal to them. We are all individuals and the cars we drive are outward expressions of our personalities – to have the initial customer interaction individually tailored to each person will demonstrate Nissan’s commitment to providing standard setting levels of customer service and satisfaction.”

Nissan Drive Innovation gets the entire customer journey off to the best possible start, in a way that sets Nissan apart from the competition. Harnessing the immense power of social media, users of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are invited to book test drives by using the hashtag #NissanME or by retweeting the original post @NissanME.

Before an appointment is created and confirmed for a test drive, respondents are asked a small number of straightforward questions, including their full names, what car they currently own, which Nissan model they would like to test (from a choice of Sentra, Altima, Maxima, X-Trail or Patrol) and who their favorite music artist is.

The information gleaned from this short survey is then used to customize the experience based on the guests’ musical preferences, with a playlist of their favorite music to be played during the test drive. Individual test routes are put together, too, in order to highlight the unique capabilities of each model available for test drives.

“This is an extremely effective way for Nissan to demonstrate the technological and engineering excellence that is packed into every model it makes,” concludes Cherfan. “The benefits of our Smart Car App features need to be experienced to be believed, with interactivity between the cars and the technology we all carry around in our pockets or on our wrists – interactivity that promotes Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility by making driving more rewarding and safer on many levels.”

As part of the Nissan Drive Innovation program, a dedicated ‘on-the-ground’ team ensures that guests are personally welcomed and that the entire test drive process meets the set objectives set by Nissan.

Nissan Drive Innovation is currently being deployed across the region after its Dubai debut, with Nissan’s dealer partners in Abu Dhabi leading the way before Qatar and Oman come on stream, too.

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