Nissan unveiled the Nissan Vmotion 2.0 Concept vehicle


Nissan Vmotion 2.0, is a new concept vehicle that signals the company’s future sedan design direction and Intelligent Mobility technology. It combines a high sense of style, emotional design, roominess, comfort and technology to make the mobility experience seamless for busy professionals constantly on the go.

The Vmotion has got some cool sound technology in it as well. The Bose Ultra Nearfield speakers can restrict non-entertainment signals to just the driver. Turn signal chimes go to the driver’s corresponding ear and any voice prompts or Bluetooth calls can be heard by only the driver, so you won’t have to answer the phone with, “Hi, you’re on speaker in the car with three people you don’t know.”

Like many concepts these days, the interior is full of screens, empty of knobs. A single horizontal screen combines the instrument panel for the driver and the infotainment for the passenger. Rear seat passengers get a smaller screen as well. The quilted seats and wood trim give the Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept a feeling of open space and luxury, and we hope these elements make it into any final production car.

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