Saudi Arabia Agrees to Let Women Drive

Saudi Arabia said on Tuesday it will remove a ban on women driving, ending its status as the only country in the world to impose such restrictions on half the population.

Women will be entitled to driving licenses starting in June next year, the official Saudi Press Agency reported, citing a royal decree. Committees from various ministries have been set up to examine implementation, and they’ll report within 30 days, the SPA said.

It’s the most dramatic move so far in the government’s effort to liberalize Saudi society, a counterpart to an ambitious program of economic modernization that’s intended to reduce the kingdom’s dependence on oil.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the country’s predominant leader and architect of the plan, risks push-back from the powerful Saudi religious establishment. In the past week, authorities relaxed the rules to allow women to attend celebrations for the anniversary of the kingdom’s founding, and men and women danced together at a street party in Riyadh. But within days, there were calls on social media for the religious police to restore moral order.

In an interview in April last year, Prince Mohammed said that women deserved wider freedoms. “We believe women have rights in Islam that they’ve yet to obtain,” he said. “Changes could happen in the future, and we always hope they will be positive changes.”

The U.S. welcomed the move by Saudi Arabia, a longstanding ally in the Middle East. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert called it a “great step in the right direction.”


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  1. Ronald Balit says

    Good move forward Saudi Arabia!

  2. Farah Amhaz says

    Well-done Saudi women!

  3. Jacques Bensahkoun says

    Very good news, indeed!

  4. George Killy says

    One of the best moves in the region so far!

  5. Jake Duhaime says

    I cannot believe it…Great move!

  6. Sharon Salazar says

    A long-waited thing! Well-done ladies in the KSA.

  7. Steve Baron says

    Great news indeed…

  8. Bassel Barakat says

    It’s a cool move by the Saudis.

  9. Alexandre LeChef says

    Well-done Saudi Arabia. All the best!

  10. Suzanne Samaan says

    That’s really awesome!

  11. Kristie Templa - Gonzales says

    Very happy news!

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