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ACDelco Paint Shield Protects Cars From the Middle East Climate

While owning a new car comes with a feeling of joy, the satisfaction can sometimes be dashed by the first noticeable scratch on its glossy paintwork. The new ACDelco Paint Shield is designed to protect the most exposed areas of a vehicle while maintaining its value and appearance.

Protecting vehicles from damage caused by scratches, stone chips and dust, one of ACDelco’s leading car care products provides a barrier against the Middle East region’s harshest environmental effects. Whether it’s airborne sand, the sunshine or even the weekly wash, ACDelco’s high-tech paint shield offers year-round protection from damaging elements. Moreover, it provides enhanced paint protection against a carelessly opened door in a car park or sand scuffs encountered during off-road driving and desert dune bashing, a pastime that many GCC residents enjoy.

ACDelco Paint Shield-01

Speaking about ACDelco Paint Shield, Mohammed Al Fayyad, Customer Care and Aftersales Director at General Motors Middle East, said: “One of the greatest joys of owning a new car is maintaining the vehicle in an ‘as-new’ condition for the longest possible time. Paint condition is one of the first things a second-hand buyer looks at, and is often the reason why a vehicle’s value depreciates. This is where the ACDelco Paint Shield comes in, helping new car owners to maintain the looks of their car and also to protect their investment. With the added benefit of a 5-year warranty, owners can be certain that this protection will bear the test of time.”

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Continental to Introduce Fully Automated Valet Parking

Continental Automotive Group, the German company which specializes in tires and automotive technology, has developed an automated technology solution, enabling cars to valet park without a driver. Recently presented to the public at the 2017 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, the fully automated Valet Parking function was demonstrated in a demo vehicle at Continental’s premises in the city.

Continental Automated Valet Parking

Continental’s latest innovative technology has been presented at a time when autonomous driving is an increasingly hot topic in the Middle East as a number of GCC governments have revealed their plans to develop smart cities and boost autonomous driving.

“With valet parking, we have presented a driverless function, which relieves drivers from a tedious procedure,” explained Alfred Eckert, Head of Advanced Technology in Continental’s Chassis & Safety division. “The valet parking function provides drivers with a beneficial service in terms of convenience and time. It is also a concrete step towards modern mobility based on fully automated driving.”

With this new technology, once the driver has exited the vehicle, the car navigates independently through the parking garage barrier, detecting free parking spaces and parks fully autonomously on the first floor. Pedestrians and other vehicles crossing its path are detected and the driving strategy is adapted dynamically. The next stage of development, which Continental’s team of engineers in Germany are working on now, will mean the system can also navigate up and down ramps to other levels in multi-story parking facilities.

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Chevrolet’s First Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission in the Middle East Makes Its Debut in the 2018 Equinox Premier

Chevrolet’s first nine-speed automatic transmission in the Middle East makes its debut in the 2018 Equinox Premier, advancing a legacy of multi-speed transmissions designed to optimize efficiency, performance and refinement.

The new, General Motors-developed Hydra-Matic 9T50 nine-speed is paired with the available 2.0 L Turbo engine in the Equinox, contributing to a fuel economy of 13.6 KM/L.

“In addition to improved fuel efficiency, the new 9-speed transmission offers a strong overall balance of performance and refinement that customers will feel at all driving speeds,” said Dan Nicholson, vice president, Global Propulsion Systems. “By the end of 2017, Chevrolet will offer 2 models with the new nine-speed in the Middle East.”

Chevrolet's First Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission-02

The new nine-speed has a wider 7.6:1 overall ratio — the difference between the first gear ratio and the top gear ratio supports excellent off-the-line acceleration and a ‘tall’ top gear for low-rpm highway cruising. That balance optimizes acceleration and fuel economy and reduces engine noise during cruising.

“The smaller steps between the gears, compared to the GM eight-speed, enable smooth, almost imperceptible upshifts, for excellent refinement,” said Nicholson. “No matter the engine torque or vehicle speed, the new 9-speed transmission is always in the perfect gear.”

The new transmission also supports stop/start technology that can help save fuel by allowing the engine to shut down in certain stop-and-go driving conditions.

“The new nine-speed transmission is designed for our customers to get the most out of their Chevrolet,” said Ahmed Soudodi, Head of Brand at Chevrolet Middle East. “By improving performance and fuel efficiency, the Equinox offers world-class sophistication with a quiet, smooth, enjoyable ride, and we’re looking forward as this new transmission proliferates across other models in the lineup.”


Selectable one-way clutch 
Developed for the tight packaging requirements of transverse propulsion systems, the new 9T50 nine-speed automatic has an on-axis design, where all the gears are in line with the crankshaft, and GM’s first application of a selectable one-way clutch. Both features help reduce the package size, making it roughly the same size as a six-speed transmission.

The selectable one-way clutch, which can hold torque or freewheel, depending on the desired operating mode, contributes to a smaller overall size by eliminating the need for an additional clutch pack.

“The selectable one-way clutch is one of the biggest enablers of the 9T50’s balance of efficiency and refinement,” said Steve Saia, chief engineer. “It also symbolizes GM’s acumen when it comes to designing advanced, compact multispeed transmissions.”

Shift smoothness
For precise and smooth shifts, a specific strategy is used in the selection of the gearsets, clutches and torque converter. Five planetary gearsets are used with four stationary clutches and three rotating clutches, saving space compared to freewheeling designs. Gears change from second- to ninth-gear ratios with precise clutch-to-clutch shifting, where the clutch is engaged in one gear at exactly the same time it is released from another.

Chevrolet's First Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission-01

The first-to-second upshift is a freewheeling shift. The second-gear clutch engages while the first-gear one-way clutch spins freely, contributing to greater refinement at lower vehicle speeds.

Additionally, this planetary-type automatic transmission employs new torque converter technology to help it deliver smooth take-off performance and additional refinement. The converter features a hyper-elliptical oval cross-section that reduces the thickness of the torque converter, keeping the overall width of the engine and transmission as narrow as possible for packaging advantages.

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Highly Automated Driving on Highways Is No Longer Just a Dream

Highly automated driving on highways is no longer just a dream, but a reality, thanks to leading automotive manufacturer Continental. The brand started testing automated driving systems on public roads back in 2012 and now has a global fleet of development vehicles.

The Highly Automated Driving (HAD) system gives vehicles the ability to take over driving on highways in accordance with national traffic regulations. At the end of a highway, control is transferred back to the driver; the handover is initiated by a state-of-the-art human machine interface. If the driver fails to respond when prompted to take over, the technology identifies a safe place to stop and pulls over using a minimum risk manoeuvre.

This intelligent function will be part of the system when it is ready for production in 2020, well in advance of many government plans in the region to develop smart cities and boost autonomous driving. While, for instance, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority’s goal is to make 25 percent of all journeys driverless by 2030, in Saudi Arabia plans for the US$100bn King Abdullah Economic City have been remodeled to better accommodate driverless cars in recognition of potential future demand.

Highly Automated Driving


“The automated system brings a two-fold benefit when it comes to safety,” said Ralph Lauxmann, Head of Systems & Technology in Continental’s Chassis & Safety division. “Firstly, automation avoids human error in regular operation while also offering a comfortable ride. Secondly, it includes an additional fall-back mode that is not included in conventional vehicles. If the driver is unable to take control of the wheel again, then the technology safely brings the car to a stop.”

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Mazda Claims a Breakthrough in Old-fashion Gasoline Engine Technology

Japanese automaker Mazda recently claimed engine ‘breakthrough’ that should worry electric car backers.

Days after striking a partnership to collaborate on electric vehicles with bigger and wealthier competitor Toyota, the scrappy engineers at Mazda announced proprietary engine technology that they say is 20% to 30% more efficient than the automaker’s conventional systems.

Mazda claimed engine 'breakthrough'-08

They plan to deploy the technology, which also boasts improving torque, in models beginning in 2019.

The technological advancement, which Mazda won’t share with other automakers, shows how the global race to meet fuel economy regulations will take multiple forms and could pave the way for consumers to save on transportation.

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Leading Global Lubricants Producer, Valvoline Announces Major New Partnership with ZAFCO in the United Arab Emirates

Valvoline, one of the world’s leading producers and marketers of premium quality branded automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants, has announced the appointment of ZAFCO as its authorized distributor in the UAE.

The new partnership will combine Valvoline’s superior quality lubricant products, heritage and global know-how with ZAFCO’s strong retail distribution and local presence. Valvoline’s aim is to offer superior products with superior service standards to give better value and choice to customers.

The agreement between the two companies was signed by Mr. Craig Moughler, Valvoline’s Senior Vice President, International and Product Supply, and Mr. Azim Yusufzai, Chairman of ZAFCO, at ZAFCO’S global headquarters in Dubai.

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The Cadillac 6.2L V-8 Delivers Undefeated Performance

The Cadillac 6.2L V-8 engine that powers the Cadillac DPi-V.R prototype race car is undefeated at mid-season in the 2017 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. The Cadillac race engines have secured 11 of the first 15 podium places — including all five victories — during Cadillac’s first year of IMSA competition, while each traveling more miles than a trip from Cadillac House in New York City to Hollywood, California.

The Cadillac 6.2L V-8 engine has been consistent in delivering power and reliability to the three Cadillac prototype race cars: No. 10 Konica Minolta Cadillac DPi-V.R, No. 5 Mustang Sampling Cadillac DPi-V.R and No. 31 Whelen Engineering Cadillac DPi-V.R. Each team has only used two engines in competition, enabling the newest generation of Cadillac race cars to collectively cover more than 15,500 miles under IMSA sanction with near-flawless performance.

Inherent Architecture

The race-prepped Cadillac 6.2L V-8 engine, which shares inherent architecture with the Cadillac 6.2L V-8 engines in the Cadillac CTS-V super sedan and the Cadillac Escalade prestige SUV, is naturally aspirated and outputs near 600 hp at a maximum allowable 7,600 rpm with the series-mandated air restrictors in place. The race car engines are modified, built and maintained by ECR Engines.

“As in the Cadillac CTS-V and Escalade, the Cadillac 6.2L V-8 in the race car produces unrivaled, unfailing power and responsiveness,” said Richard Brekus, Cadillac Global Director of Product Strategy. “This season we exchanged engines only once for each car, each receiving a fresh engine after the Rolex 24 At Daytona. We disassembled the first engines and found no issues, problems or anomalies after the Rolex 24. The three cars have each run the engine we installed after the 24-hour race, taking the green flag on the first practice at Sebring, running and winning at Sebring, Long Beach, the Circuit of the Americas and Detroit with no major issues.”

The Cadillac 6.2L V-8 Delivers Undefeated Performance

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Breathe a Sigh of Relief for the Air Filter

For a proper combustion process, the motorbike motor requires lots of clean air. The air filter takes care of this and filters out dirt and dust particles. Over time, its absorption capacity dwindles. But it can be increased again by cleaning. The German motor oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY offers the new motorbike air filter cleaner for this.

A reliable filter is incredibly important, as impurities in the air act like sandpaper in the motor and can lead to the premature wear of components. “It is not just in the motor that dirt and dust particles can cause damage. Other components in the air intake duct, such as the air flow meter, are also at risk,” says David Kaiser, Head of Research & Development at LIQUI MOLY.

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