Tested to Extremes



Land Rover’s legendary off-road capabilities are inherent in every vehicle. Tested in environments as remote as the ice fields of Arjeplog, Sweden and the unforgiving sands of Dubai, prototypes cover some 8,500km.

Tackle the most demanding environments with a range of features from Terrain Response 2 that adapts vehicle responses to the driving conditions, to Low Traction Launch, enabling you to pull away smoothly on low-friction surfaces.

Torque Vectoring

This system enhances the vehicle’s agility and stability when going through a bend. Coupled with Dynamic Active Rear Locking Differential, it delivers controlled handling and cornering by constantly monitoring and balancing the distribution of torque between all wheels to improve grip and steering. Used off-road, in conjunction with the relevant Terrain Response settings, it can also prove invaluable on surfaces such as sand.

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