The Mercedes-Benz Challenge: Team “THE SETUP” takes home a brand new GLC 250!


100 Teams from all over the UAE took part in a challenge of a lifetime on a quest to win the grand prize, a brand-new Mercedes-Benz GLC, as part of this year’s Mercedes-Benz Challenge event powered by Rush-A-Way. During the annual event, which occurred on December 16th, participants competed in hunting down obstacles at 7 exciting pit-stops located around Dubai, and tested their mental fortitude, physical fitness, and team work.

Team “THE SETUP” emerged victorious with their fantastic score of 3,141 points and were crowned as champions for the 2016 season.

The winners; Team ‘THE SETUP’ (Ioulia Kononov aged 38, Natalie Tari aged 36, John Lambert aged 38 and Thomas Nuttall aged 32) commented “We are thrilled to have won the Mercedes-Benz Challenge 2016. The series of tests has truly pushed us to our limits, but ultimately our perseverance and team-work paid off, and we look forward to experience everything the brand-new GLC has to offer.”

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC is a testament to contemporary luxury that is ready for any terrain and merges effortless design with superior power and performance. Powered by the 9G-TRONIC, this revolutionary transmission system is the world’s first 9-speed automatic transmission in the premium segment that can be used with longitudinally mounted engines.

With the Air Body Control air suspension system, driving the new GLC feels like traveling on air as it ensures outstanding ride comfort even when the vehicle is fully laden, and through the automatic height regulations, depending on the current speed, the fuel consumption can be reduced and handling safety improved. This smoothness will be a welcomed change from the rugged nature of some of the pit stops in the Mercedes-Benz Challenge.

The interior of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC reflects the company’s commitment to perfect and intuitive design. With the GLC’s Dynamic Select System that enables the selection of various drive modes and intelligent on-board systems, customizing the GLC driving experience becomes second nature. With one of the most spacious load compartments in this segment, the new GLC is ready for adventures of any kind.

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