The 40-series Land Cruiser: A Delicate Balance Between Classic and Modern


After establishing a reputation for quality restorations of Land Cruisers, Toyota company wanted to push the limits, and design a 40-series Land Cruiser to meet the demands of modern driving, while honoring the timeless beauty of the original design.  

Car fans love the rugged features of the 40 Series. They love its simplicity. They love its utilitarian approach… but often times, they wanted a little more.

 The 40-series Land Cruiser

A classic Land Cruiser that could be used for a quick spin around town – or on a weekend trip to the beach – but given the opportunity, a vehicle that could be pushed hard…. on and off-road.

The FJ Company Sport is an authentic Toyota Land Cruiser. An original chassis, an original steel body, but its powertrain has been fully upgraded with more modern features.

The 40-series Land Cruiser-interior

Possibly the most significant upgrade is the engine. The Sport model has a more modern Toyota fuel-injected engine, 6 cylinders, rated at 210 horsepower. It’s available as a 5-speed manual or automatic.  It’s versatile for a quick spin around town or to cruise comfortably on the highway.  Apart from the additional power for on and off-road conditions, it preserves the sound, the looks, and the reliability that you would expect from any Land Cruiser.

With the additional power and greater speeds of the Sport model, steering needed an upgrade. The Performance Steering System comes included in all Sport builds starting in 2017. It improves the responsiveness and accuracy of the stock power steering setup.

Inside, you’ll find thoughtful modern comforts: digital classic-looking controls, air conditioning, your choice of modern seats, sound system… Other options include seat heaters, interior LED lighting, and even a rear-view back-up camera system.

The 40-series Land Cruiser-interior

The company custom build each Land Cruiser to meet the preferences of its clients. Color, hard top vs. soft top, bumpers, accessories, tire size…

And of course, there’s the option of doing the more traditional FJ40, or an FJ43 which has a slightly longer wheel base and additional cargo space.

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