VIMANA to Build a Self-Flying Taxi in Dubai


VIMANA is building a novel blockchain-based and blockchain-regulated Airspace Ecosystem.

 VIMANA to Build a Self-Flying Taxi

The Ecosystem intends to provide Urban Air Mobility programs in smart cities like Dubai, with daily network aerial commuting based on fly-by-wire operating Vertical Take-Off and Landing Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (VTOL AAVs).

 VIMANA to Build a Self-Flying Taxi-01

It is worth mentioning that VIMANA is currently in discussions with the RTA and if all goes to plan, intend to conduct a test flight in Dubai in Q1 2018.

  1. Lisa George says

    That’s really awesome!

  2. Ritika Khushalani says

    One of a kind Urban Air Mobility.

  3. Seb Kelly says

    It will be great to have such things flying in Dubai–it will help a lot in traffic jam issue.

  4. Abhay Chadha says

    Very good solution for the traffic congestion in Dubai.

  5. Kevin Satler says

    That would be a great help to public transportation provided that it’s applied all over the country.

  6. Daniel Tucker says

    No wonder- it’s Dubai folks.

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