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Cadillac Sheds Light on Its Next Level of Race-Inspired Cars at DIMS 2017

With track-honed design, chassis and suspension elements, the Cadillac V-Series of vehicles are dual purpose luxury performers, ideal for Middle East customers, with true track capability straight from the factory, blended with sophisticated and refined features. Represented by the 2018 ATS-V and CTS-V models at the Dubai International Motor Show 2017 (14-18 November), the Cadillac V-Series is inspired by top-of-the-line, race-ready vehicles, tailor-made to bring stunning performance to everyday driving.

Over ten years since the first-generation V-series was produced, the 2018 ATS-V and CTS-V models incorporate unique performance elements with components from top automotive suppliers, and segment-leading company-exclusive technology.

Cadillac Sheds Light

The smallest and lightest V-Series car with technology enhancements, the Cadillac ATS-V, available in both sedan and coupe, delivers remarkable power and performance. Powered by the Cadillac Twin Turbo V-6, the ATS-V boasts an impressive 464 horsepower (346 kW) and 445 lb-ft of torque (601 Nm), enabling 0-100 km/h performance in 3.8 seconds and a segment-best top speed of 304 km/h.

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GMC Premieres Desert Fox Middle East concept vehicle at Dubai International Motor Show

The Desert Fox Middle East Concept Truck that was unveiled at the show was created exclusively for the Middle East region where GMC’s trucks are respected for their ability to work hard, and desired for the premium quality they deliver. Based on the 2018 Sierra 1500, this Concept Truck echoes the look and feel of the original, while bringing it up to date.

GMC Desert Fox Middle East concept vehicle

Combining the purposeful exterior styling of the 2018 Sierra 1500, with its large front grill and headlamps that feature GMC’s signature LED lighting, with a similar desert color and motif application to that of the original model, the Desert Fox Concept Truck simply demands attention. It is designed with a range of features, courtesy of GM-certified accessories such as a sports bar, performance exhaust system and LED roof lights, complemented with exclusively developed prototype parts, including off-road front and rear bumpers, Baja style fenders, desert terrain tires, beadlock wheels, front recovery winch and Desert Fox theme stripes.

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The All-New Mazda CX-5 Will Be Debuting in Dubai Motor Show 2017

The all new CX-5 which refines every aspect of Mazda’s design and technology will be debuting in the Middle East at the Dubai International Motor Show on November 14, 2017.

The All-New Mazda CX-5-07

The slogan for the development of the all new CX-5 was “an SUV all customers will enjoy” – born of a desire to provide every driver and their passengers with driving pleasure and a deeper relationship with the car.

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Virtual Reality Experience to Take Visitors on a Sensory Journey Into Jaguar Racing’s Formula E Driver’s Seat

When visitors to the Dubai International Motor Show head to the Jaguar Land Rover stand, they will find an astonishing experience. Not only they will have the opportunity to try the cutting-edge automotive technology deployed on current Jaguar Land Rover products in the premium carmaker’s Innovation Lab, but they will also get a taste of an electrifying adrenaline rush endured by the modern racing driver.

Jaguar Land Rover-04


The latest developments in the realms of vehicle head lights, cabin air quality and petrol engine technology will be showcased at the Innovation Lab while separately, motorsports enthusiasts will have a chance to enjoy the sensation of piloting a Formula E single seater racing car as part of a VR experience, highlighting Jaguar’s position as the first premium manufacturer to enter Formula E in 2016.

The two experiences will unfold in custom built settings which isolate the user from the general background noise and activity at the show, while the latest VR technology will transport them seemingly into another dimension. The net result is the kind of sensory experience which really is the next best thing to being there, particularly in the Formula E racing car, where show-goers will not only feel the whole-body vibrations and steering wheel feedback typical of the real experience, but they’ll have the impression of the airflow rushing past them thanks to built-in wind fans which create that effect.

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Rolls-Royce Celebrates 2017 Goodwood Revival

Rolls-Royce will celebrate the 2017 Goodwood Revival this weekend with a significant presence at the legendary motor circuit. The centerpiece will be the March Motor Works, this year renamed ‘Gordon Galleries’, echoing the shopping arcades of 1950’s central London.

2017 Goodwood Revival-01

The Galleries include a period Rolls-Royce showroom, recapturing the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the marque’s glamorous premises in London’s West End during the same period.

2017 Goodwood Revival-03

Within the showroom, a stunning 1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Extended Wheelbase will be displayed, with a body by Freestone & Webb. Finished in black over red, the car was first presented at the 1956 British International Motor Show at Earl’s Court, London.

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1980 Aston Martin V8 Vantage on Display alongside DBR1, DB11 and Vantage AMR

The much-loved Goodwood Revival is just around the corner and Aston Martin will again feature in Lord March’s annual celebration of the glory days of the motor industry.

1980 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

The British luxury carmaker, which recently celebrated record first-half profits, will feature strongly in the Earls Court Motor Show, a unique part of the Revival where manufacturers showcase their classic models alongside their latest offerings.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Aston Martin V8 Vantage

The new V8-powered DB11 and the V8 Vantage AMR will fly the flag for the modern Aston Martin, while two very special delights from the past will represent days gone by for the luxury marque.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage -rear shot

The company President and CEO, Andy Palmer, will be thrilled to see his very own 1980 Aston Martin V8 Vantage on display.  Palmer bought the car in 2015 from the company’s heritage division Aston Martin Works, which still operates at its original site in Newport Pagnell.

Aston Martin Vantage AMR V8-front shot
Aston Martin Vantage AMR V8

“I admired that car throughout my teenage years,” said Palmer. “After going through the pain of realizing it was well out of my reach when I passed my driving test in 1980, to be able to buy it now feels great and it is a rare privilege to be able to take it to the Goodwood Revival to show it off.”

Aston Martin Vantage AMR V8-rear shot

Completing the line up in the Earls Court Motor Show is a glorious example of the  DBR1. The first of the five DBR1s built recently sold at auction at Pebble Beach for US$22.5 million, making it the most expensive British car ever sold at auction.

Aston Martin-console

Aston Martin people will also be at the Revival, at the heart of the on-track action.  2017 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, Darren Turner, will take part in the RAC TT Celebration race on Sunday in an AC Cobra that he will share with Rory Henderson.  The British racer will also take part in the ultra-competitive St Mary’s Trophy in an MG Magnette and he will race a Ford GT in the Whitsun Trophy on Saturday. Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman will also be on track on Saturday, racing his personal 1960 Cooper T56 in the Chichester Cup.

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Jaguar’s past, Present and Future Models Will Be Electrified

From 2020 all new Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be electrified. The company made the announcement at its inaugural Tech Fest, a series of debates and a free public exhibition about the future of mobility.

Dr Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Executive Officer, said: “Every new Jaguar Land Rover model line will be electrified from 2020, giving our customers even more choice. We will introduce a portfolio of electrified products across our model range, embracing fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles. Our first fully electric performance SUV, the Jaguar I-PACE, goes on sale next year.”

Jaguar E-type Zero
Jaguar E-type Zero

Jaguar E-type Zero

The electric Jaguar E-type Zero future-proofs one of the world’s most famous cars. Acclaimed by Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car in the world”, the E-type now combines breathtaking design with electric power for the first time. E-type Zero is based on a 1968 Series 1.5 Roadster and features a cutting-edge electric powertrain for 0-60mph in just 5.5sec. It was engineered by Jaguar Classic at the company’s new Classic Works in Warwickshire, UK.

Jaguar I-PACE Concept

With I-PACE we started with a clean sheet and engineered a bespoke, tailored, pure electric SUV from the ground up, creating a beautiful design with everyday practicality. It’s a performance SUV, it looks stunning, is great to drive and will be on sale next year.


The Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE is a vision for the car of 2040 and beyond. The fully autonomous virtual concept explores mobility for the connected world of tomorrow, where vehicles could be shared not owned.

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MINI to Shape the Future of Urban Mobility

MINI is shaping the future of urban mobility by providing driving fun in increasing diversity. At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the British premium brand gives visitors an impression of how the unmistakable MINI feeling will develop in future to cover a broader range beyond the current model program.

Innovative concepts and technologies provide additional room for individual flair and highly emotional experiences, while continuing to enhance the thrilling agility and exemplary efficiency that are typical of MINI.

The MINI Electric Concept showcased in Frankfurt for the first time embodies a whole new dimension of the brand’s characteristic go-kart feeling, now combining it with locally emission-free mobility. The concept vehicle conveys a message of sustainable urban transportation in MINI style while at the same time previewing a volume production model that will follow soon. The first purely electrically powered MINI to be manufactured in large-scale production will go on the road in 2019 – precisely 60 years after the classic Mini was first launched. It will make electro mobility a highly emotional experience that combines driving fun, style and individual flair – as is characteristic of the MINI brand.

Lots of driving fun on a small surface area – this traditional principle will remain an integral part of MINI in the future, too. It is a fundamental element of its character that is derived from spectacular motor racing success. 50 years ago the classic Mini achieved its third outright victory at the Monte Carlo Rally. The MINI ACV 30 concept study presented 20 years ago, demonstrated just how much the model’s racing career influenced not only the history of the classic Mini but also the development of the modern MINI.

The Anniversary Concept Vehicle that came out right on time to mark the 30th anniversary of the car’s third triumph at the “Monte” showed how the classic Mini’s characteristic design features – such as the hexagon radiator grille and the large circular headlamps – could be transferred to a modern vehicle concept. The foundation stone was laid for a new era full of driving fun and individual style in a variety of forms.


Diversity and individual character are also embodied by the other elements of the MINI trade fair showcase in Frankfurt. From 14 to 24 September, the British premium manufacturer presents a broad cross-section of its range, containing elements drawn from the current model program, its rich selection of optional equipment and the latest additions in the area of accessory and lifestyle products. The setting for this display of both current and future items is Hall 11 at the main entrance to the Frankfurt trade fair center, a site that will be shared by the BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad brands.

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MG enthusiasts retrace the ancient “Silk Route” in epic transcontinental classic car quest

This summer, an adventurous group of eight classic MG owners embarked on an epic 25,850-km journey across 60 cities on the legendary “Silk Route” in a fleet of historic MGBs.

The “Silk Route” is a world-famous ancient network of trade routes which linked the regions of the ancient world in commerce. The 102-day MG road trip started in Thailand, passing into Cambodia, then China, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Turkey and across Europe before arriving in the UK town of Abingdon – the home of the MG Owners Club.

The two-door classic car, built in England from the 1960s to the 1980s, is an icon amongst British sports cars. Over the two decades, it was manufactured in several variants including the original MGB; a four-cylinder, soft-top roadster, as well as the more powerful MGB GT and MGB GT V8 and the popular six-cylinder model, the MGC, which was available in both coupe and roadster versions.

MG Car Club

On the “Silk Route” each car was affectionately given a nickname by its team of drivers. The eight cars on the trip were:

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